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Julie came up in the elite ranks of youth hip hop and competitive cheerleading in her hometown of Miami, Florida. Her unique approach to C3 emerges from her dynamic background, combining the most exciting elements from her wide dance and cheer experiences. Julie began cheering at age 5 and fell in love with hip hop at age 9 through Hip Hop Kidz, a youth dance company that produced notable alumni such as Channing Tatum (Step Up, Magic Mike), Brandon Bryant (SYTYCD 1st runner up, Britney Spears dancer), and others.  With Hip Hop Kidz, Julie performed with the production company in Super Bowl XXXIV and in numerous NFL Dolphins Football halftime shows, corporate events, parties and parades. From ages 12-17 she was a point flyer for Top Gun All-Stars, the Miami based competitive cheerleading program that boasts 19 world championships. While attending college at the University of Florida, Julie joined UF’s competitive cheerleading team and captained her sorority's cheer and dance teams, choreographing over 15 routines.


Instructor Julie Labate performing with her Top Gun All-Star Hip Hop dance team which won 3rd place in Dance Worlds 2012. Julie is in the front row, center position.

Julie graduated with honors in accounting and began practicing as a CPA in Miami, while also joining Top Gun’s Open Hip Hop team and attending late night practices after work.  The team placed 3rd in the 2012 Dance Worlds Competition in Orlando. In 2013, she moved to New York City to pursue her accounting career and began instructing for the VXN Workout, an adult hip hop dance fitness format focused on improving the physical and mental wellness of women. For 6 years, Julie led weekly VXN Workout classes earning the titles Master Trainer and Manager of NYC VXN operations, twice appearing on NBC’s The Today Show, and certifying instructors across the Northeast.

Instructor Julie Labate performing in 2013 with Top Gun All-Stars Hip Hop Dance team.  Julie is in the front row on the right side.

“At every stage of life, I’ve always found a way to stay connected to dance and cheer. It’s been one of the most consistent influences in my life. When I was young, it kept me focused, provided structure and something important to be part of, it helped me feel valued and confident, and it became a community where I felt I belonged. As an adult, I understand the real significance it held and still holds for me, and I want to provide young athletes the opportunity to enjoy the same sense of vivacity, purpose, and comradery. These are pivotal years of kids’ lives. You never know when a place like C3 is exactly what they need.”



Julie, her husband, and two daughters now proudly call Saratoga Springs home.  Julie continues to teach weekly VXN Workout classes.


Danielle's passion for dance started at a young age. She began training in ballet, tap, and jazz when she was just 3 years old and has been dancing ever since. Throughout the years, dance has not only given her great friends but also a sense of belonging and a genuine love for movement.

Danielle studied international business and marketing at Elmira College, where she was part of the school's Danceline team. During her time there, she became an officer and helped choreograph hip hop routines for 2 years. These routines were performed during basketball team halftime shows and other community events.

After graduating, Danielle went on an adventurous backpacking trip through 17 countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. Following her journey, she found a digital marketing internship in Bali, Indonesia, which turned into a 3-year stay. Upon returning to Saratoga, Danielle discovered Julie's VXN workout classes, which quickly became the highlight of her week. The classes not only offered great music and intense workouts but also fostered a growing dance community. Danielle was inspired by Julie's approach to encourage dancers to focus on the moment and commit fully to the mental and physical aspects of dance.

During the inaugural season, Danielle served as an assistant coach for all C3 Youth Dance teams. Now, she is excited to join the C3 family as a head coach for the '23/24 season. With her experience and love for dance, Danielle is ready to lead and inspire her dancers to reach their hip hop dance goals.


Josh Meliski, aka Bboy HangThyme, started dancing professionally in Saratoga Springs, NY at the age of 11. Despite formal training in modern dance and ballet, Josh was always more interested in spinning on his head than pointing his toes. He spent hours each day perfecting backflip 720’s on his sisters trampoline, or learning to spin on his head in the basement. Before graduating high school in 2009, his crew had become notorious for winning talent shows. 


While in college, Josh continued to teach, train and perform breakin’ in Colorado Springs. There, he learned the importance of community within art and dance. While he believes that healthy competition is an important element of art, so is “each one teach one” - the idea that we can always learn something from those around us. 


Before Covid, Josh was actively using dance as a way to share his philosophy with students in Baltimore, MD. He believes children shouldn’t be encouraged to sit in front of a screen for hours per day. Instead, they should be given opportunities to express and challenge themselves.


Currently, Josh Meliski is happy to be back home in Saratoga teaching dance to the aspiring artists of tomorrow.

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