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Dance Fit by VXN combines hip hop commercial choreography, killer music mixes and stage lighting in a dance fitness format. Our classes create an environment where you can experience a mind-body connection, an emotional release and a sense of community while burning major calories.

Instructors incorporate a selection of hip hop and musical styles inspired by Miami and NYC nightlife, with dance workouts designed to target specific muscle groups and provide an all-out cardio burn.

We know what you're thinking - and no, you do not need to be a dancer! Absolutely NO dance experience is necessary - this class is for everyone and anyone who enjoys movement. We aim to create an atmosphere where you can do your thing without reservation or judgment.

Join the party for the ultimate turn-up experience!


Dance Fit by VXN Series run year-round with classes

Mondays @ 7:30p

Wednesdays @ 6:15p.


Sign-ups open on our website 2-3 weeks in advance.

VXN Dance Fit 2024: 

-Jan/Feb Series 

-Feb/Mar Series

-Apr/May Series

-May/Jun Series

-Jul/Aug Summer Series

-Sep/Oct Series 

-Nov/Dec Series

Choreo Classes Currently on pause! Let us know if you want them back on the schedule.

Class Location:

Max Level Fitness & Athletics

Saratoga Springs, NY



C3 Hip Hop Dance Adult Choreo classes teach a thorough breakdown of a dance routine to fun, upbeat music. 

This class is open to both beginner & intermediate dancers. Movements will be demonstrated in detail and aim to be challenging, yet achievable for all levels.

By the end of class, you will be performance ready!




Julie is one of the original instructors of the VXN Workout, a Miami originated dance fitness workout created by Janet Jones, earning the title of Master Trainer while instructing in NYC and managing VXN NYC operations. She grew up in Miami cheering and dancing hip hop for Top Gun All Stars and performing with youth hip hop teams since a young age. In college she was a competitive cheerleader for the University of Florida and captained her sorority's cheer and dance teams, choreographing over 15 performance routines. 


As a performer all her life, she knew it would be important to find an outlet as an adult that provided the same sense of vivacity - enter VXN workout. "While dancing, you completely lose yourself to the music and the positive energy; you forget about everything else and fully live in that moment, making it not just a physical workout but a mental release." Julie recreates this feeling for her classes by fostering an environment where they're safe to let loose and live up their own visceral performance.


Julie believes that being part of a team and community gives you a sense of belonging and commitment that is difficult to fabricate elsewhere.  Instructing dance fitness classes is how Julie has sought to spread this forum to adults who have outgrown their little league days! 


Julie has a Master of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Florida and is a CPA. She and her husband moved from Brooklyn to raise their two baby girls in the Saratoga community. 



Birthdays, bachelorette parties, team bonding events, and more - Contact us for pricing and availability!
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