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Welcome to Upstate New York’s Premier Hip Hop Dance Company


We are the only dance company in Saratoga Springs, New York focusing exclusively on hip hop dance. Our teams seek to be the premier platform for youth athletes to achieve excellence and build lifelong connections to hip hop dance.  Trainings are created by Julie Labate, a hip hop dance instructor and choreographer with over 25 years of hip hop dance experience, at Max Level Fitness in Saratoga Springs.



COMMITMENT: At C3 we encourage our athletes to show up for themselves and their team, bringing their best attitude and effort to every team practice and event. As a competitive dance company, our athletes will demonstrate a commitment to hip hop dance through progressive training and an emphasis on mechanics + fundamentals at team practices.

CONFIDENCE: C3 promotes confidence through progressive training in a safe, fun and uplifting environment. The week-in and week-out dedication to personal and performance growth builds athlete’s trust and confidence in themselves and in the process.

COMMUNITY: At C3, we are building a community for those who desire to excel in hip hop dance. We share purpose in showing up, we share unforgettable experiences, we share pride in our involvement, and most importantly, we share respect for one another. C3 athletes can feel a sense of belonging and build lifelong connections with teammates, mentors, and the hip hop dance community.


  • Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced level

  • Mini, Pee WeeJunior, Teen, & Senior

  • Ages 3 - 18





Sept. 2024 - June 2025:

  • Season kicks-off 9/15 with a team placement event

  • Weekly practices held at Max Level Fitness & Athletics in Saratoga Springs.

  • Season features multiple performance events and dance competitions 



MID SEP: Season kicked off with a team placement event, where all dancers are evaluated by Coach Julie to determine the best team for each dancer, based on a combination of age and skill.  Dancers notified within 2 days of event which team they’ll be on.

SEP - DEC: Focused on skill building, learning various hip-hop dance techniques and technical training.

OCT: Launched the Fall series of Acro and Breakdancing Power Moves as an optional class for dancers looking to develop those skills

JAN: Began preparing for the performance and competition season.

FEB: Learned the performance routine and received the performance music. Also started the Winter series of Aacro and Breakdancing Power Moves classes.

MAR: Finished preparing the performance routines, followed by continuous fine-tuning, cleaning, and rehearsing.

APR: First performance of the year at Skidmore's club dance team's final show, featuring three teams (two junior teams and upper-level team).

MID APR: All teams performed at the Saratoga Springs Library to a packed auditorium hosted by C3. (Two pee wee teams, two junior teams, and upper-level team)

END APR: Upper-level team competed in the Journey Dance Competition in Albany, winning the event from over 70 entrants and qualifying for Nationals in July.

MAY - JUN: Continued practicing performance routines and started learning new dance content for the end-of-year show.

BEG JUN: Upper-level team performed at SPAC's Festival of Young Artists.

MID JUN: All teams to performed at C3’s year-end show at SPAC School of the Arts

END JUN: Upper-level team to perform at the MVP Arena in Albany.

JUL: Upper-level team to compete at Nationals at the Jersey Shore, following their first-place win in the April competition.

AUG: Upper-level team to optionally extend season and perform at Saratoga Racecourse for the track’s family day

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